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We need more coaches! If interested, please contact

We need more coaches! If interested, please contact

US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse

Nebraska High School Lacrosse Association

Nebraska High School Lacrosse Association

Iowa Lacrosse Association

Iowa Lacrosse Association



Every team needs help at the score table!

 Here are some great videos to get a jumpstart in learning! Being at the table is a great way to get to know the game and the players!

2 Great videos which cover all of the basics:


2). Penalties:

An overall summary of scorekeeping: (A little lengthy)  (13:05)

A groundball video:

An Assist: (16 Seconds)


The information below  went out recently to new men's game officials candidates from Kevin Hawn, our Director of Officials.  Zoom workshops happen this month!

IF INTERESTED, call Kevin!!!! Kevin needs to know of YOUR interest and will help you get started.  On-field evaluations will happen after HS teams get out on the fields in March. 

Here's Kevin's email --

See the information below about the upcoming Zoom meeting training to become a Lacrosse official.  Prior to the classes I would ask that you go to and sign up to become an official.  They will ask you what association you want to be affiliated with select heartland area lacrosse officials(HALO).  Also after you create an account and pay the online yearly dues please check out the video section on youth boys lacrosse this is where you will start officiating games at this level.  Please let me know if you have any questions and reply to me that you are interested in becoming an official this way I can get you on the schedule this season provided you sign up and take the training.  We will schedule on field training as soon as we can get a field and teams to set up a scrimmage prior to the season.

2021 Local Officials Training (Lincoln, Omaha, Central Iowa)

Classroom sessions will be held via Zoom—Invitations will go out for each session

Tentative New Officials Schedule—held on Thursdays—make-up sessions TBD

4 Feb—Module 1—Official Positions and Roles—Mechanics

11 Feb—Module 2—Fouls (Technical/Personal)—Reporting—Slow Whistle

18 Feb—Module 3—Play of the Game—Faceoffs—Dead Ball Officiating 

25 Feb—Module 4—Game Control—Mistakes—7 C’s of Officiating—Exam Discussion

4 March—Module 5—2021 Rules Changes Discussion—Points of Emphasis

Kevin Hawn
Director of Officials
Iowa Lacrosse Officials Association

If interested in being an official for the women's game, you should contact Meghan Gruver at  ! 

AnkenyLAX AnkenyThunderLax AnkenyLAX


Boys 1st-12th grade

Girls 4th- 12th grade

Come Play with us!

Email us at for more information!

Officials NEEDED

Officials NEEDED