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MARCH 19, 2020

Dear Lacrosse Families,

I'm sure you are all feeling the unhappiness about so much of our lives being canceled right now - especially for our lacrosse players and all our seniors. But don't despair...we will get back to playing lacrosse soon enough! :) 

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to rapidly change, our season will remain postponed. We have NOT officially canceled the season as we hope that at a future date we can come back.  However, we just don't know yet. 

Following guidelines from trusted sources, NELAX Board (for HS players), and ILAX board, we are taking comprehensive measures to ensure that our players, families, and coaches remain safe and healthy.

Here are the updated items as of March 19 - 

* At this time, Practice and Game play for all teams will be suspended until at least April 12th , unless state and federal agencies dictate otherwise.  

* Trivia Night is POSTPONED until further notice. 

* Team/Individual pictures are POSTPONED until the end of April.  More details coming later.  And when they happen, please consider purchasing these photos as our photographer is being hit with the changes the virus has caused to his business.

Need something to do while waiting for lacrosse to start again?

Most coaches will be sending weekly emails to the players for things they can still work on even though there is no team practice.  Just because we can't meet as teams, doesn't mean lacrosse can't be a part of our everyday life still. Try these suggestions:

-Learn how to restring your lacrosse head! 

-Read up on the US lacrosse rules for your level of play.

-Watch lacrosse games online.

-Watch our lacrosse slide shows on our youtube channel!

-Stay connected with your teammates through chats and texting. We all still need each others support and camaraderie. 

-Come up with some good lacrosse related clean jokes and send them to me.  The ones I found online were pretty bad.  Haha.

-Design a lacrosse T-shirt for our club! Submit designs to Mindy! We could have a T-shirt design contest.....

-Find drills and exercises to do on your own.

-Build your own wall ball wall!

-Challenge a teammate to a wall ball challenge and report to each other how many catches in a row you did. HS boys - remember the Sarpy challenge!? 

* Parents, feel free to learn how to take stats!

Great videos which cover all of the basics:


2). Penalties:

An overall summary of scorekeeping: (A little lengthy)  (13:05)

A groundball video:

An Assist: (16 Seconds)

* If you have not registered and/or paid your fees. We encourage you to do so. We didn’t ask

for this situation, but we are in it. We hope we can have a wonderful season, even if it is delayed a bit.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and flexibility. We are thinking of you and looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

The Ankeny Thunder Lacrosse Club Board


Click on picture above to Register/ Pay here for single Trivia Night ticket or Table for 8. Spread the word!!! We would love a full house! Thank you! your support is appreciated!

Does your 1st-3rd grade son want to play lacrosse?

If your 1st- 3rd grade son would like to play lacrosse THIS season, please click on the registration link above!

Season begins April 13th!!!!

Officials NEEDED

Officials NEEDED