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Interested in Becoming a Lacrosse Official?

Level 1 Officials Training Men’s & Women’s Game Certification October 2022

Virtual classroom sessions

Sunday, Oct. 2, 7 pm — Session 1

Sunday, Oct. 9, 7 pm — Session 2

We need more coaches! If interested, please contact

We need more coaches! If interested, please contact

USA Lacrosse

US Lacrosse

Nebraska High School Lacrosse Association

Nebraska High School Lacrosse Association

Iowa Lacrosse Association

Iowa Lacrosse Association

Apparel Order through our new Corner Store

We are excited to announce the rollout of our Corner Store. Rep our team with a wide variety of apparel, accessories, headwear, and more. Most importantly, 100% of the sales proceeds from this store go directly back to the program

For now - the design you will find on items in our store is our club logo. More designs will be added later and we'll let you know when those are ready! Spread the word and order your Ankeny Thunder fan items today!

There is more than just "stuff to wear" in our team store. Your dogs may enjoy a little something too. :) 

Click on the link below and share it with your family and friends:

If you have questions about any item listed in our store, please contact the store directly.  Thanks!

DONATE to our Thunder Complex Capital Campaign

Please specify what the money is for so we get it in the appropriate account! Thank you! We appreciate your support


Just a reminder that starting January 1, 2022 all chest pads have to be NOCSAE certified. 

It is the new rule from USA Lacrosse in order to play and is for better safety of the players.  This means pretty much everyone who has an older chest pad will have to replace theirs.  Plan ahead and be prepared! New lacrosse gear makes great birthday and Christmas gifts!These chest pads will have a little tag on them that has a "heartbeat" on it.  The chest pads ARE THICKER around the chest and heart than old pads. 

Where to find them?

Google "certified lacrosse chest protector" and different sites should pop up. (,,,,, etc) Unless you're a goalie, don't buy the goalie ones.

Spread the word.Especially to friends who may plan on joining us.  Don't let them buy the wrong gear!

WE LOVE LACROSSE!  See you soon.


UPDATE FOR ANKENY THUNDER LACROSSE: Age is the best indicator for determining how to group children due to physical and cognitive development. It is also the most easily verified method to segment players. Ankeny Thunder lacrosse will begin aligning our players with the age suggestions of USA lacrosse. NOTE: there are a few 8th grade boys who could technically play on the High School Level according to USA lacrosse…. But, NELAX doesn’t allow them to play up. Therefore they will remain at the 14U .

Exceptions can be made for 4th grade boys . They may play at the 12u level if they have the skill set or played last year.

8th grade girls will be playing on the U14 team this year.

4th grade girls will be playing 12u.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!



Every team needs help at the score table!

 Here are some great videos to get a jumpstart in learning! Being at the table is a great way to get to know the game and the players!

2 Great videos which cover all of the basics:


2). Penalties:

An overall summary of scorekeeping: (A little lengthy)  (13:05)

A groundball video:

An Assist: (16 Seconds)

Officials NEEDED

Officials NEEDED


Boys 1st-12th grade

Girls 4th- 12th grade

Come Play with us!

Email us at for more information!